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In today’s business environment, a good job and a good business are things that need to be protected.  Safe @ Work is committed to helping you protect your assets and your jobs.  Drugs do not just affect the user but affect their co-workers, customers they interact with and the reputation of the companies they work for. 


Why chose Safe @ Work?


First, we specialize in mobile on-site collections.  We interact with labs, doctors, and other administrators in our field to keep updated and do a professional, confidential job. When we do your collections, we do them right.  Second, there is a cost of sending employees off site.  Multiple donors could make our service more cost effective.  And third, having a program and someone that you can reach 24/7 not only protects your assets and jobs but gives you another resource to deal with a problem we can not ignore.



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It’s not just the user that drug abuse damages


Below is a short list of our most popular services:

  • Mobile on-site collection
  • On call 24/7
  • Dot certified technicians
  • Program Development
  • Training

Safe @ Work administers Safe Workplace Programs for both Government Regulated and non Regulated companies.


We offer full service third party administration, including setting up policy and procedures, drug and alcohol onsite and off site testing, setting up a random testing program, and training.


Companies become victims every year due to drugs and alcohol in the workplace. Whether it is accidents, missed days, late to work, or theft it can be prevented. Safe @ Work can help !


A keystone to our clients successful workplace drug program is regular random testing of employees. We have found that the number of tests are not as important as frequent testing and the awareness of a program.


Our onsite testing provides many advantages. Employee “down time” is nearly eliminated and dependability with the testing procedure as well as the confidentiality of the testing process is intact.


We specialize in:

Development; of company procedure and protocols Testing; done in a professional, confidential way using certified labs Training; supervisory and employee awareness programs Administration; complete turnkey programs



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Some of the Oorganizations which we have provided testing for include, but are not limited to: