About Us

In 1997, as a result of a strong working relationship with several SAMSHA certified reference laboratories, I started doing onsite mobile drug and alcohol collections. Two years later in 1999, I launched Safe @ Work.


I and my team have been fortunate to have worked in all modals set up by the DOT for mandatory drug testing. We have done government collections for the DEA, TSA and Customs/Border Control. Our collectors have collected for the Department of Engraving/Printing and the Department of Corrections. We developed our own customer base while working with other national third party administrators to run random drug and alcohol programs for companies like Southwest Airlines and the Dallas Rapid Transit System.


Our work with the gas and oil industry has allowed us to service companies from Pennsylvania to California. We have done onsite collections in the Gulf of Mexico and the windmill farms of Texas.


Our main focus is customer service and we are available 24/7 for any type of collection for drugs of abuse and alcohol. We are headquartered in Arlington TX plus we have a network of collectors we regularly use in several cities in Texas. We currently administer national programs and have a network of patient service centers through out the US along with a network of collectors to meet the needs of our customers